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Our VIP Access Lounge is only for our most loyal and trusted customers. We have some exclusive offers that at accessible only to our VIP client. We are very well aware that the clients require privacy and our agency upholds that policy, and that is why we make sure that under any circumstances. The details of our client are secure and maintained. We do not share details of the client and escort and privacy are maintained through a controlled manner of execution of the meeting.
You will also enjoy some luxury offers like access to our most High-class Models, VIP Escorts, Photo cover models etc.

  • For you to be a part of our services that are exclusive to our VIP members, there are criteria’s that have to be met.
  • You have to pay a membership fee that will be mentioned in the terms and conditions.
  • You have never ill-treated our elite escorts in any way.
  • You oblige by the rules of the agency at all costs.
  • You are professional in your approach and maintain the discretion of our agency as well as our elite escorts.
  • If you would like to be part of our VIP services kindly sign up, and accept our rules and conditions.

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